Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cian Healthcare Ltd.?

Cian Healthcare Ltd. is a reputable pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. We specialize in various areas, including manufacturing, domestic marketing, exports, and third-party manufacturing.

Who is the Managing Director of Cian Healthcare?

Suraj Zanwar

Chairman and Managing Director At Cian Healthcare Ltd.

From a humble start 15 years ago with a pharmacy to helming a rapidly growing pharmaceutical company, he is hands on and fully involved in the business. His background ensured that he understand the nuances of the trade, which, coupled with this business acumen, put Cian on the growth path. Sales and marketing are his forte.

What services does Cian Healthcare Ltd. offer?

Cian Healthcare Ltd. offers a range of services, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, domestic marketing, exports, and third-party manufacturing for other pharmaceutical companies.

Where is Cian Healthcare headquarters?

1, Harpale Park, Opp. Burger Paint, Phursungi, Pune-412308.
What certifications does Cian hold for its quality credentials?

Cian holds various certifications, including WHO-GMP, GMP Certificate, GLP Certificate, FSSAI License (Dietary Supplement), and Veterinary Products License at the national level. At the international level, it holds certifications like PPB Kenya, MOH Cambodia, NDSO Lesotho, CDDA Sri Lanka, and DMPL Ivory Coast.

Is Cian Healthcare Ltd. certified for quality and compliance?

Yes, Cian Healthcare Ltd. is WHO GMP Certified and GLP Approved, adhering to standard manufacturing practices as laid down by the World Health Organization and certified by the Food and Drug Control Administration.

What services does Cian Healthcare Ltd. provide?

Cian Healthcare specializes in providing outsourcing solutions to the Pharmaceutical industry. We offer manufacturing services for tablets, capsules, liquid oral, and ointments/creams/lotions/cosmetics, adhering to National and International Standards.

Where is manufacturing facility located?

Roorkee Plant – 1
– Products Manufactured: Tablets, Hard gelatin capsules, Ointments, Syrups, Sachets.
– Built-up Area: The total built-up area of this plant is 80,000+ square feet.
– Quality Standards: The plant has WHO-GMP (World Health Organization – Good Manufacturing Practices) approval. This means that the manufacturing processes adhere to the international standards set by the WHO for pharmaceuticals.
– Future Plans: The plant is planning to upgrade its facilities to comply with PICS (Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme) and EU-GMP (European Union – Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. These standards are essential for exporting pharmaceutical products to countries that follow EU regulations.
– Manufacturing Capacities: The monthly production capacities for various products are as follows:
– Tablets: 10 Crore (100 million) units per month
– Capsules: 2.5 Crore (25 million) units per month
– Liquid Orals (Syrups): 10 Lakh (1 million) units per month
– Ointments: 10 Lakh (1 million) units per month
– Sachets: 1.5 Lakh (150,000) units per month
– Creams: 10 Lakh (1 million) units per month
– Packaging Lines: The plant has nine packaging lines, out of which seven are dedicated to Tablets and Capsules.

Roorkee Plant – 2
– Product Manufactured: Soft gelatin capsules.
– Built-up Area: The total built-up area of this plant is 50,000+ square feet.
– Softgel Capsule Capacity: The plant has a capacity to manufacture 5 Crore (50 million) soft gelatin capsules per month.

Which regulatory agencies have audited your facility?

Our facility has undergone audits by several reputed regulatory agencies, including Intas Pharmaceuticals, Ajanta Pharma, Cadila Pharmaceuticals, and others.

How does Cian Healthcare support international customers seeking approvals in new countries?

We have a dedicated team to assist our customers in obtaining approvals for their products in new countries. Our facilities are always audit-ready to expedite the audit process.

Can you name some of Cian's reputed clients in third-party manufacturing?

Some of Cian’s reputed clients in third-party manufacturing include Cadila, Veritaz Healthcare Ltd., Meyer organic Pvt Ltd., Wallace pharmaceuticals, Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd., Sava Healthcare Limited, Helios solutions, Wiscon Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., and Lyka Healthcare.

What are the therapeutic segments Cian caters to?

Cian caters to twelve therapeutic segments, including Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Cardiac, Diabetic, Dermatology, Pain Management, Antibiotics, Neuro, Critical Care, Gastro-Intestinal, and Nutraceuticals.

How many brands does Cian have for various therapeutic segments?

Cian has more than 500 brands for various therapeutic segments available in the market through its strong franchisee distributors.

Does Cian Healthcare Ltd. have any international presence?

Yes, Cian Healthcare Ltd. has a well-established presence in international countries and is qualified in various countries due to its vast and unique product line.

What is Cian's focus on veterinary products?

Cian has a special license for Veterinary products and is developing this segment as part of its future business plan. It has approval for 18 plus unique Veterinary products and serves clients like Sava vet and Venky’s.

What are some of the pharmaceutical products manufactured by Cian?

Cian manufactures a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including formulations for Orthopaedics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Cardiac, Diabetic, Dermatology, Pain Management, Antibiotics, Neuro, Critical Care, Gastro-Intestinal, and Nutraceuticals.

How does Cian handle the storage and handling of raw materials?

Cian adheres to strict guidelines for the storage and handling of raw materials to ensure their quality and integrity.

Does Cian have a process for handling customer feedback and complaints?

Yes, Cian has a dedicated customer feedback and complaint handling process to address any concerns promptly and effectively.

What is Cian's approach to continuous improvement and innovation?

Cian fosters a culture of continuous improvement and innovation by investing in research and development, adopting new technologies, and actively seeking feedback from clients and partners to enhance its services and product offerings.

Does Cian have a quality management system in place?

Yes, Cian has a robust quality management system that ensures adherence to strict quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

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